Our Mission

Rockaway, Queens, is a part of New York City that is home to chronically unemployed and was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The mission of Rockaway Restoration Kitchen is to help meet some of the needs that have arisen from these and other challenges faced by the community. Our goal is to provide a comfortable neighborhood restaurant with healthy, locally sourced food that satisfies the hunger of Rockaway residents, attracts visitors and serves up dignity and self-sufficiency by serving as a hands on training ground to provide skills, real experience and job placement in the culinary industry.

Provided below are the primary challenges and needs that we hope to overcome and fulfill.

Challenge One: The restaurant, catering, hotel and food production industries face a shortage of experienced kitchen help

The Need: A reliable pipeline of trained and motivated workers with a resume that includes restaurant work.


Challenge Two: Thousands of the chronically unemployed lack the training and necessary on-the-job experience to gain and hold jobs in the culinary field.

The Need: A training program that offers classroom skills training and work in a real working restaurant kitchen.


Challenge Three: Rockaway New York, a community devastated by Hurricane Sandy has a high unemployment rate and too few quality healthy restaurant options.

The Need: An affordable, comfortable, healthy alternative to the few fast food and pizza joints.